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-  2018 


DOI: 10.13360/j.issn.2096-1359.2018.06.025

Keywords: 人造草皮, 实木复合地板, 制造工艺, 热稳定性
artificial turf
, multilayered wood flooring, manufacturing technology, thermal stability

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为了丰富地板种类,开发一种可适用于户外场所、具有草皮外观的新型实木复合地板,从平压、线压和点压3种冷压方式对复合板材耐剥离力的影响,冷压时间、施胶量、固化剂配比3种工艺参数对复合板材耐剥离力的影响,以及复合材料各单元包括热重分析人造草皮的草青部分(草皮青)、连接草青的底部黑色部分(草皮黑)以及胶黏剂(聚氨酯)的热重分析3个方面进行研究。结果表明:在试验范围内,平压方式可以获得最好的耐剥离力,但存在人造草皮表面压屈现象,由于被压屈的人造草皮可以正常恢复,且不明显影响外观使用,从而被优选为最佳压合方式,通过正交试验分析优化工艺参数为单面施胶量75 g/m2,冷压时间为2 h,固化剂配比为30%时,可获得的复合板材具有较好的耐剥离力。人造草皮中主要组分的起始降解温度都在150 ℃以上,满足室内外环境中的热稳定要求。
In order to develop a new type of engineered wood flooring with attractive turf appearance, which was able to be used in outdoor ground and has a very beautiful appearance, a set of process parameters was determined in this study. The environmental conditions and thermal response characteristics of the multilayer wood flooring laminated by artificial turf were explored. The influence of three kinds of pressing methods, namely, flat pressing, linear pressing and point pressing, on the peel strength of the multilayer wood flooring laminated by artificial turf was investigated, while the influence of three kinds of processes parameters, namely, the cold pressure time, resin content and curing agent ratio, on the peel strength of the composite board was studied as well. All components of the board including the grass part of artificial turf, the black part of the bottom of the grass and the adhesive were examined using the thermogravimetric(TG)analysis. The results showed that, in this test range, the best peel strength can be obtained by the flat pressure method because of a larger bonding area than other methods, but there was the phenomenon of artificial turf surface buckling. On account of the crushed turf can be restored to normal, the flat pressing was considered to be the optimum pressing method with good peel strength and anti-collapse ability. The results of the Orthogonal tests indicated that the optimum gluing performance could be obtained when the hardener content was 30%, the single face glue consumption was 75 g/m2, and the pressing time was 2 h. The result of TG analyses showed that the initial degradation temperature of all components of the artificial turf was above 150 ℃. It was proved that the composite had pretty good thermal stability and can be applied in both interior and exterior conditions


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