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-  2018 


DOI: 10.13360/j.issn.2096-1359.2018.06.007

Keywords: 天然橡胶, 竹纤维复合生态材料, 植物弹簧, 天然弹性体模型, 弹性性能
natural rubber
, bamboo fiber composite ecological material, plant spring, natural elastomer model, the elastic property

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Natural rubber bamboo fiber composite material is a new type of composite material. It is made from directly spraying natural rubber on bamboo fibers and then being sterilized and finalized to form a bamboo fiber elastic body called “plant spring”. The plant fiber ecological mattress produced by this composite material has the advantages of the natural environmental protection, moisture absorption and breathability, and natural health care. It also has excellent features of deodorization, adsorption, anticorrosion, insect resistant moth, innocuity, no odor and good sleep comfort. Three-dimensional natural rubber bamboo fiber material is regarded as tens of thousands of curled bamboo fiber elastomers, and a natural rubber bamboo fiber elastomer model was developed. In order to verify the calculated results of the model, the natural rubber bamboo fiber mat core material was dismantled, and the mechanical properties of the curled bamboo fiber and the natural rubber bamboo fiber elastomer were measured. The factors affecting the elastic properties of the rubber bamboo fiber mat core material were analyzed, including the diameter, modulus of elasticity, Poisson's ratio, the density of single bamboo fiber, the number of materials and crimp of the core material. The experimental results showed that the calculated results agreed well with the experimental results, with an error of 13.5%. It was also found that the elastic coefficient(K)of the natural rubber bamboo fiber composite material was slightly lower than the brown fiber mattress, and the soft hardness was more suitable for the sleep habits of the human body. It can be used as a mattress pad material with good elastic properties and comfortable sleep characteristics. The implement of this model would provide technical support for the structural and performance optimization of natural rubber bamboo fiber composites


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