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-  2018 


DOI: 10.13360/j.Issn.2096-1359.2018.03.002

Keywords: 竹丝装饰材, 硼酸, 硼砂, 热释放, 烟释放, 热解特性, 阻燃处理
decorative bamboo filament
, boric acid, borax, heat release, smoke release, pyrolysis characteristic, flame-retardant treatment

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竹丝装饰材是以竹丝为基本结构单元,通过编织或胶黏制成的装饰材料的总称,目前已被应用于室内墙体及天花板的装饰装修中,因此,竹丝装饰材阻燃性能的研究具有重要的应用价值。以硼酸/硼砂(质量比1:1)复配的阻燃剂对毛竹的竹青部位(OB)和竹黄部位(IB)所制竹丝装饰材进行阻燃处理,利用锥形量热仪和热重分析仪对阻燃前后的竹丝装饰材燃烧性能和热解特性进行研究。结果表明:竹丝装饰材及其阻燃处理试样在燃烧过程的热释放和烟释放均遵循OB大于IB的规律; 硼酸/硼砂复配阻燃剂可延迟引燃时间、缩短有焰燃烧阶段。经比较可知,阻燃处理的竹丝装饰材B-OB和B-IB热释放速率(HRR)峰值分别下降了19.30%和18.11%; HRR均值分别下降了43.09%和46.84%,在115 s内的热释放总量(THR)分别下降了26.67%和24.00%; 比消光面积下降12倍左右,烟释放速率(SPR)的峰值分别下降了89.22%和80.58%,发烟总量(TSP)的降幅分别达到了94.55%和91.71%; 阻燃剂可促进催化成炭,在OB和IB中的残炭率分别增加了17.36%和17.95%。因此,硼酸/硼砂复配阻燃剂具有良好的抑热和抑烟作用。
With the improvement of environmental conservation awareness, natural eco-friendly decoration materials are becoming more and more popular. Decorative bamboo filament is a new material made from bamboo filament by weaving or adhesion. It is extensively used in indoor wall and ceiling decoration because of the advantages of elegant adornment and operational simplicity. This material can lead to the new trend of home decoration. The flame retardant treated decorative bamboo filament has wide application prospect. In this study, Phyllostachys edulis (carr.)J.Houz was processed into two kinds of decorative bamboo filaments, including outer-layer(OB)and inner-layer(IB). The material was treated with boron-containing(mass ratio of boric acid to borax was 1:1)flame retardants. The thermogravimetric analyzer(TGA)and cone calorimeter were used to measure the combustion performance and thermal decomposition of the decorative bamboo filaments. The results showed that, compared with the IB, the total heat release(THR)and total smoke production(TSP)of the OB were higher and showed the same trend in flame retardants treated group. Compared with the untreated decorative bamboo filament, the treated sample group had longer time to ignition and shorter time to be burned out. The peak values of heat release rate(HRR)for flame retardants treated OB and IB reduced by about 19.30% and 18.11%, respectively. The average values of the HRR of the treated OB and IB reduced by 43.09% and 46.84%, respectively. The THR values in 115 s of the treated OB and IB reduced by 26.67% and 24.00%, respectively, and the peak values of smoke production rate(SPR)reduced by 89.22% and 80.58%, respectively. The TSP of the treated OB and IB reduced by 94.55% and 91.71%, respectively. The specific extinction area of the treated decorative bamboo filament reduced by about 12 times. With flame retardant catalyzing, the carbon residue rate of flame retardants treated OB and IB increased by 17.36% and 17.95%, respectively. Therefore, the mixed fire retardants had remarkable flame and smoke


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