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-  2016 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2016.02.005

Keywords: 氨基酸态氮 后酵时间 后酵温度 酵母自溶
amino acid nitrogen
,post-fermentation temperature,post-fermentation time,yeast autolysis

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黄酒的氨基酸态氮是用来反映其中的氨基酸及小肽总体水平的重要指标,其含量的高低直接影响黄酒的质量等级和整体风味。作者针对黄酒后酵阶段工艺条件进行研究,通过对发酵过程中蛋白质、氨基酸态氮、活酵母数的动态变化以及酒体的理化指标和氨基酸组成分析,考察后酵时间和温度对氨基酸态氮生成的影响。结果表明,氨基酸态氮主要产生在黄酒后酵阶段,后发酵时间从14 d延长至17、20、23 d,氨基酸态氮的含量分别提高24.7%、31.7%和37.6%,酵母自溶过程对后酵末期氨基酸态氮的贡献显著。升高后酵温度有利于氨基酸态氮的形成,后酵温度对氨基酸态氮的形成同时受到蛋白质降解酶活性和酵母自溶两方面的综合影响。研究结果显示,氨基酸是氨基酸态氮的主要组成,其含氮量占氨基酸态氮60%以上。
Amino acid nitrogen (AAN) is an important indicator representing the overall level of amino acids and low molecular weight peptides in the Chinese rice wine,which content can affect the quality and flavor of wine. The influence of post-fermentation process parameters to AAN generating were discussed in this work,which included the post-fermentation time and post-fermentation temperature by tracing the dynamic changes of protein content,AAN content and amounts of viable yeast cells, Tricine analysis by SDS-PAGE,and the physicochemical indexes and amino acid composition of fermentation broth. The results showed that the post-fermentation was the main period for AAN producing. The content of AAN in draft rice wine was increased 24.7%,31.7% and 37.6%,respectively when post-fermentation time prolonged from 14 days to 17 days, 20 days and 23 days. Yeast autolysis process offered a significant contribution to AAN at end of post-fermentation. Meanwhile it had positive effect on AAN formation when post-fermentation temperature raised at range of 13 ℃ to 17 ℃. The results implied that AAN was influenced by both activities of protein degradation enzymes and the degree of yeast autolysis when post-fermentation temperature was changed. Furthermore,the work indicated that amino acids are the main composition of nitrogen compounds,which nitrogen content accounted for more than 60% of AAN. This study is aimed to understand the effect of process conditions on the AAN generating,which will benefit the quality improvement of Chinese rice wine


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