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-  2017 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2017.10.014

Keywords: 曲酸 米曲霉 形态 菌球
kojic aid
,Aspergillus oryzae,morphology,pellet

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以米曲霉为出发菌株生产曲酸,通过改变培养基浓度和孢子接种量来研究曲酸生产关键因素对A. oryzae菌体形态的影响,进一步通过不同形态菌体发酵分析菌体形态与曲酸生产的关系。培养基中的碳氮比对A. oryzae菌球的直径的大小具有较大影响。当孢子浓度为109个/mL时,A. oryzae主要呈菌丝形态;但当孢子浓度为107~108个/mL时,菌体形态呈现为球状,并随着孢子浓度的增大菌球直径减少。A. oryzae发酵生产曲酸的最佳形态为菌球,并且菌球直径与曲酸合成能力关系密切,菌球直径为0.25~0.35 mm时,单位细胞曲酸积累量最高。
To investigate the relationship between morphology and kojic acid production. Methods:Using Aspergillus oryzae to producekojic acid,the effect of critical factors on morphologies was studied by manipulating the concentrationof culture mediumand inoculum level,andfermented by different forms of cellto obtain the relationship between morphology and kojic acid production. Carbon/nitrogen ratio(C/N) of medium has great influence on pellet diameter size of A. oryzae.Dispersed mycelia wereformed with 109 spores mL-1 inoculum,but pellets were obtained under the condition of less spore number107 to 108 spores mL-1,and with the increasing of spores inoculation pellet diameterdecreased. Furthermore,the yield of kojic acid was closely correlated with pellet size,and the optimal pellet diameter range for higher yield of kojic acid on DCW was 0.25 to 0.35 mm


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