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-  2018 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2018.12.011

Keywords: 脉冲喷动床 低频微波干燥 品质 能耗 高丽菜
pulse-spouted bed
,low frequency microwave drying,quality,energy consumption,cabbage

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为解决调理蔬菜热风干燥(AD)产品粘连、品质差、能耗高及高污染等问题,以高丽菜为实验原料,利用常压脉冲喷动床-低频微波干燥(PSBLMD)中试平台,进行调理高丽菜PSBLMD品质、均匀度及能耗研究,并与AD方式进行对比分析。结果表明,PSBLMD调理高丽菜(加糖比例15%)抗坏血酸质量浓度、叶绿素质量浓度及复水比(4.69 mg/hg、3.48 mg/hg、26.22)均高于AD高丽菜相应值(1.46 mg/hg、3.14 mg/hg、19.40),PSBLMD样品的水分、色差及收缩率均匀度(91.2%、93.7%、92.3%)达到90%以上;与AD方式相比,PSBLMD不但可以有效解决高糖调理高丽菜干燥过程产品粘结问题,提升干燥产品品质,而且缩短干燥周期50%以上且降低能耗40%以上。
Hot air drying(AD) of vegetables has many disadvantages including agglomeration,poor quality,high energy consumption and heavy pollutions. In this study,we used cabbage as the raw material,pulse spouted bed low frequency microwave drying(PSBLMD) as the drying method to build a pilot scale research platform. The quality,uniformity and energy consumption of the PSBLMD-dried cabbages were compared with those of the AD-dried ones. Results shown that the amount of ascorbic acid,chlorophyll and the rehydration ratio of PSBLMD-dried cabbages with 15% sugar addition(4.69 mg/hg,3.48 mg/hg and 26.22,respectively) was higher than those of the AD dried cabbages(1.46 mg/hg,3.14 mg/hg and 19.40,respectively). The uniformity of the products regarding the moisture content,the color appeal and the shrinkage ratio of PSBLMD-dried cabbages were >90%. Compared to AD,PSBLMD not only effectively solved the agglomeration problem during the drying process,but also improved the quality of the dried products. It shortened the drying time by >50% and reduced the energy consumption by >40%


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