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-  2018 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2018.02.016

Keywords: 金钗石斛多糖 大孔树脂 响应面法 脱色
Dendrobium nobile Lindl polysaccharides
,macroporous resin,response surface metho- dology,decolorization

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选取金钗石斛粗多糖脱色率和保留率为评价指标,采用5种大孔树脂AB-8、LSA700、LSD762、D101和D900对金钗石斛粗多糖色素脱除进行比较,得出D900树脂对金钗石斛粗多糖的脱色效果最好;应用响应面法优化金钗石斛粗多糖的脱色条件,发现脱色温度对金钗石斛粗多糖脱色率的影响最大,脱色时间与温度、树脂用量的交互影响对脱色率具有显著影响。金钗石斛脱色的最佳工艺为:脱色时间3.7 h,温度40 ℃,树脂用量0.33 g/mL。在上述条件下金钗石斛多糖脱色率及保留率分别为82.7%和76.5%。
Comparing decolorization rate and polysaccharide retention rate could be used as reference indexes,throughadopting the static adsorption to assess the best macroporous resins among AB-8,LSA700,LSD762,D101 and D900.The result showed D900 macroporous resin was the best while decolorizing polysaccharides. Besides,on the basis of Box-Behnken design principles,we adopted the method of response surface methodology in order to optimizing the resin decolorization technology of Dendrobium nobile Lindlpolysaccharides. The results turned out that thedecolorization temperature was superior to the time and the dosage of resin.Simultaneously,the interaction effects of time with temperature and resin on the decolorization rate had significant influence.The optimal decolorization conditions were as follows:decolorization time of 3.7 h,temperature of 40 ℃ and 0.33 g/mL resin. Under this conditions,the actual decolorization rate and polysaccharide retention rate of Dendrobium nobile Lindlpolysaccharides were 82.7 % and 76.5 %


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