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-  2018 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2018.06.005

Keywords: 酵母β-葡聚糖 羧甲基化 理化性质 抗氧化活性
β-glucan from yeast
,carboxymethylated,physical-chemical properties,antioxidant activity

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以葡萄酒泥酵母为原料制备高纯度酵母β-葡聚糖,对其进行紫外光谱、溶解性、颜色反应、薄层层析和红外光谱分析,并对β-葡聚糖及其羧甲基化衍生物进行体外抗氧化活性对比实验。结果表明:所得产品为纯度较高的碱不溶性β-葡聚糖;β-葡聚糖和羧甲基β-葡聚糖清除·OH、O2-·、DPPH·、ABTS+·和螯合Fe2+的IC50分别为10.874、11.122、11.780、10.109、21.399 mg/mL和3.982、3.182、3.222、2.562、5.027 mg/mL,其中后者的IC50均低于10 mg/mL,具有较好的抗氧化活性。经过羧甲基化改性后的抗氧化能力较改性前的酵母β-葡聚糖得到显著提升。
This test was based on the dead yeast cells which from the less as research material to prepare β-glucan of high purity from yeast. The methods about ultraviolet spectrum,solubility,color reaction test,thin-layer chromatography and infrared spectrum were used to analysis the properties of obtained product,while β-glucan and its carboxymethylated derivatives in vitro antioxidant activity were determined by contrastive study. The results showed that the product was alkali insoluble β-glucan of high purity. The IC50 value of β-glucan and carboxymethylated β-glucan scavenging ·OH,O2-·,DPPH·,ABTS+· and chelating Fe2+ were 10.874,11.122,11.780,10.109,21.399 mg/mL and 3.982,3.182,3.222,2.562,5.027 mg/mL,while the latter was lower than 10 mg/mL,the best antioxidant activity was presented. The antioxidative activity of the β-glucan was significantly improved compared with that before modification


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