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-  2018 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2018.07.013

Keywords: 南酸枣 多糖 提取工艺 优化 正交试验
Choerospondias axillaries fruit
,polysaccharides,extraction technology,optimization,orthogonal test

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采用蒸馏水作溶剂从南酸枣果实中提取多糖,分别以提取温度、提取时间、料液质量体积比和提取次数为主要影响因素,采用L9(34)正交试验进行提取工艺优化。结果表明,影响南酸枣多糖得率的各因素顺序依次为提取温度、提取时间、料液质量体积比及提取次数,且当提取温度100 ℃,提取时间5 h,料液质量体积比1 g∶40 mL,提取次数1次时,南酸枣多糖的得率最高可达21.79%。
The polysaccharides from Choerospondias axillaries fruit was extracted by distilled water,and the extraction parameters were optimized using L9(34) orthogonal test with extraction temperature,extraction time,solid-liquid ratio and extraction times as main effect factors. The results indicated that the influence order of them was extraction temperatures,extraction time,solid-liquid ratio and extraction times,respectively. And when the polysaccharides was extracted at 100 ℃ for one time,with a extraction time of 5 h and a solid-liquid ratio of 1∶40(g/mL),the yield of polysaccharides was up to 21.79%


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