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-  2018 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2018.05.003

Keywords: 量子点 微囊藻毒素-LR抗体 光谱 热力学参数
,quantum dots,spectrum,thermodynamic parameters

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以巯基乙酸作为稳定剂制备了水溶性CdTe量子点,将纯化后的量子点与微囊藻毒素-LR抗体偶联,通过分析紫外-可见吸收光谱和荧光光谱,研究了不同温度下CdTe量子点与微囊藻毒素-LR抗体的相互作用,得到了量子点与抗体之间的表观结合常数Kapp(84.3M-1),Stern-Volmer猝灭常数KSV(6.74×104(298 K),6.11×104(304 K),5.93×104(310 K)),结合位点n和结合常数K。此外,还研究了量子点与抗体之间相互作用的热力学参数△H(<0),△G(<0)和△S(>0),经实验数据发现,量子点与抗体之间的作用力以静电相互作用为主,氢键、范德华力也起到了一定的作用。
Water-soluble CdTe quantum dots(QDs) were synthesized using thioglycollic acid as a stabilizer,and the purified QDs were bind to the Microcystin-LR antibody. The interaction between the QDs and the Microcystin-LR antibody at different temperatures were investigated. The association constant Kapp(84.3M-1),the Stern-Volmer quenching constant Ksv(6.74×104(298 K),6.11×104(304 K),5.93×104(310 K)),the number of binding sites n,and the binding constant K were all calculated through the analysis of UV-Vis absorption and fluorescence spectrum. In addition,the interaction of the thermodynamic parameters between the QDs and the antibody were studied ,△H(<0),△G(<0)and △S(>0),indicating that electrostatic played mainly roles in the interactions between CdTe QDs and Microcystin-LR antibody,and the hydrogen bond and van der Waals also made the contributions


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