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-  2018 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2018.01.007

Keywords: 油菜蜂花粉 良性前列腺增生 提取分离 结构鉴定
rape pollen
,BPH,extraction and separation,structure identification

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以油菜蜂花粉为原料,研究其抗良性前列腺增生的活性成分。采用乙醇提取油菜蜂花粉,经不同溶剂萃取,通过诱导BPH模型小鼠研究不同萃取物抗BPH活性。利用各种色谱柱分离,并利用1H-NMR、13C-NMR、135DEPT-NMR鉴定化学结构。乙酸乙酯萃取物具有显著抗BPH活性(P<0.05)。分离纯化得到了6个单体化合物鉴定为:山奈酚-3-O-β-D吡喃葡萄糖苷、十八碳-9Z,12Z,15Z-三烯酸甘油酯、3'-甲氧基-1'-十八碳-9 Z,12 Z,15 Z三烯酸甘油酯、十八碳-9 Z,12 Z,15 Z-三烯酰基-N-乙基甘油醚、 2'-甲氧基-1',3'-十八碳-9 Z,12 Z,15 Z-三烯酸甘油二酯、α-亚麻酸。
To research the anti-material of benign prostatic hyperplasia in rape bee pollen,the study is conducted. Ethanol extracts from rape bee-pollen was extracted by different solvent,BPH-induced mouse model is established to study anti-BPH activity. Using a variety of column separation,and the use of 1H-NMR、13C-NMR、135DEPT-NMR to identify the chemical structure. The ethyl acetate extract has significant anti-BPH activity(P<0.05). Further separation and purification of six compounds were obtained. The use of NMR methods identified as:kaempferol-3-O-β-D- glucopyranoside,octadecatrienoic -9 Z,12 Z,15 Z- trienic acid glycerides,3 '- methoxy-1'-ten eight carbon -9 Z,12 Z,15 Z- three acid glyceride,stearidonic -9 Z,12 Z,15 Z- trienoyl -N- ethyl glycidyl ether,2'-methoxy-1 ',3'-octadecenoic -9 Z,12 Z,15 Z- trienic acid diglyceride,α- linolenic acid


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