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-  2018 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2018.10.006

Keywords: 鲑鱼皮 明胶 酶解 胶原蛋白肽 相对分子质量
salmon skin
,gelatin,enzymatic hydrolysis,collagen peptides,molecular weight

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以鲑鱼皮为原料,采用酸浸-水提法提取明胶,通过氨基酸分析以及紫外吸收光谱等方法分析明胶的理化性质。结果显示:明胶提取率为60.46%,纯度为83.92%,紫外最大吸收波长为233 nm,氨基酸组成符合明胶的特性。为得到低相对分子质量胶原蛋白肽,选用木瓜蛋白酶对明胶进行水解,系统考察水解时间、加酶量(质量分数)、底物质量分数、pH、温度对水解率的影响,并通过正交实验对各影响因素进行优化,确定最优酶解条件。结果表明:水解时间2.5 h,加酶量7%,底物质量分数10%,酶解温度55 ℃,pH 8.0,该工艺条件下水解度为12.65%。制备的胶原蛋白肽相对分子质量小,其中低于1 000的占91.5%。
Gelatin was extracted from salmon skin by acid leaching and water extraction. Ultraviolet spectrum with the maximum absorption wavelength was 233 nm,and amino acid composition testified that the extract conformed to the characteristics of gelatin. The gelatin extract rate was 60.46%,and the gelatin content in the extract was 83.92%. Papain was used for enzyme hydrolysis of gelatin to become collagen peptides which were low molecular weight. The effects of hydrolysis time,amount of enzyme,substrate concentration,pH and temperature on hydrolysis rate were investigated systematically. By orthogonal designed experiments,results showed that the optimal conditions of enzymatic hydrolysis was hydrolysis time 2.5 h at 55 ℃,amount of enzyme 7%,substrate concentration 10%,pH 8.0. At the optimum conditions,the hydrolysis degree was 12.65%. The collagen peptides from salmon skin had low molecular weight,whose molecular weight less than 1000 Da accounted for 91.5%


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