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-  2016 


Keywords: 胙土命氏,先秦,汉魏,士族,祖先记忆
awarding land and surnames
,ancient times,Han and Wei Dynasties,aristocratic families,ancestral memory

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Abstract:The aristocracy of the ancient times did not perish completely after continual attacks of the Qin and Han governments, which dealt with the former aristocratic families in many ways, such as migration, dispersion, and appointing the cruel officials to control the regional elites. Nevertheless, such means did not work. The descendants of the aristocratic families continued to be active in the Han Dynasty. It was typical of Ji An's (汲黯) family which produced many people to attain high office in two centuries. The way of ancestry writing in biographies and inscriptions implied the close connection of the aristocratic families between the Han Dynasty and ancient times. There were so many words in the biographies and inscriptions in the Later Han Dynasty, such as “each generation was always famous”(世为著姓), to represent aristocratism. The historians of the Six Dynasties had the pragmatic tradition in describing the genealogies of aristocratic families in the biographies, which was different from the writers of inscriptions with the super-imagination. The Wei and Jin Dynasties saw the influences of ancestry writing in the Han Dynasty. Some materials in the genealogical lists of “Tang Chief Ministers” of Xin Tang Shu and the inscriptions in the the Han Dynasty had the same sources, which reflected the lasting development and also could be regarded as the projection of ancestral memory of the Han Dynasty, even the concept of “awarding land and surnames”(胙土命氏) in ancient times. There were complex characters of the elites in medieval China, such as the same origin, fluctuate development and frequent renewal. It was necessary for us to study the aristocratic families by the means of comprehensive investigation during long periods and to break the barriers of dynastic history.


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