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-  2016 


Keywords: 车辆工程,液压互联悬架,功率谱密度,灵敏度分析 Morris法
vehicle engineering hydraulically interconnected suspension power spectral density sensitivity analysis Morris

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To solve the problem of how the degree of hydraulic parameters influences hydraulically interconnected suspension response, a hydraulically interconnected suspension roll frequency domain model was set up by using the Matlab.Bounce and roll acceleration output spectral densities were obtained and compared with the traditional suspension,and the results were analyzed.By applying the method of local sensitivity analysis called Morris, the influence degree of hydraulic parameters on bounce response and roll response was obtained.The results indicate that, because the liquid flows in and out of the accumulator, the accumulator and the valves connected to it have a great impact on the roll vibration model, and the valves connected to the hydraulic chambers have a great impact on the bounce vibration model.This paper provides a theoretical basis for suspension optimization.


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