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-  2019 


Keywords: 薄壁结构 约束扭矩 有限元分析 双力矩 扭率 新算法
thin walled structures restrained torsion finite element analysis bimoment rate of twist new algorithm

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Using initial parameter solutions and transfer matrix method,the finite element formulation for restrained torsion of a thin-walled box girder was presented. The equivalent nodal forces of distributing torque and bimoment acted on an element were also derived. Based on the displacement solutions of the finite element method for restrained torsion, a new algorithm for calculating the flexural-torsional moment was developed. The relevant stiffness matrix and fixed-end forces for distributing torque and bimoment acted on the element were established. It facilitated the calculation of normal stress and shear stress. The examples show that the calculation results of the proposed method agree well with the theoretical solutions, which proves that the stiffnesses for restrained torsion, equivalent nodal forces for distributing torque and bimoment acted on element as well as new algorithm for flexural-torsional moment are exact.


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