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-  2019 

I-V型夹芯板在近爆冲击波和 破片群联合作用下防爆性能研究

Keywords: 冲击波 破片群 联合作用 夹芯板 结构防护设计
shock wave fragments joint action sandwich panel structural protection design

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针对民用建筑物墙、板构件提出一种新型的I-V型夹芯板防护结构,采用非线性有限元软件LS-DYNA,开展近爆冲击波和破片群联合作用下I-V型夹芯板的防护性能研究.从质量损失、能量吸收和竖向峰值位移响应3个方面,研究了炸药比例距离、炸药起爆位置对夹芯板防护效果的影响,同时对夹芯板的实际防护性能进行了验证.结果表明:炸药比例距离对I-V型夹芯板的防护性能有较大的影响;不同炸药起爆位置对I-V型夹芯板的毁伤程度不同,在轴向增加起爆点的个数并不能显著增大I-V型夹芯板的毁伤程度;有I-V型夹芯板防护的钢筋混凝土板迎爆面只有少量混凝土脱落,且无钢筋外露,背爆面无混凝土脱落,也无钢筋外露,塑性变形区域较小,整体没有形成贯穿破坏,I-V型夹芯板的实际防护效果 很好.
This paper presents a new I-V type sandwich panel structure for civil building wall and plate, and uses the nonlinear finite element software LS-DYNA to study the explosion protection properties of I-V type sandwich panel under the combined loading of close-range blast wave and fragments. In terms of three aspects of mass loss, energy absorption and vertical peak displacement response, the influence of the explosive proportion distance, explosive initiation position on the protection effect of sandwich panels and the actual protective performance of sandwich panels were studied. The results show that the ratio of explosive distance has great influence on the protective performance of I-V type sandwich panels. The damage degree of different explosive initiation points to I-V type sandwich panels is different, and the number of initiation points in axial direction can not significantly increase the damage degree of I-V sandwich panels. There is only a small amount of detached concrete and no reinforcement exposed on the front surface, while on the back surface, no concrete falls off and no reinforcement exposes with lesser plastic deformation area,and there is no penetrating damage to the whole with the protection of I-V sandwich panels. The damage degree of the reinforced concrete slab with I-V sandwich panel is far less than that of the unprotected concrete slab.


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