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VLSI Design  2008 

A Tool for Single-Fault Diagnosis in Linear Analog Circuits with Tolerance Using the T-Vector Approach

DOI: 10.1155/2008/630951

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In previous works of these authors, a technique for doing single-fault diagnosis in linear analog circuits was developed. Under certain conditions, one of them assuming nominal values for the circuit parameters, it was shown that only two measurements taken on two selected circuit nodes, at a single frequency, were needed to detect and diagnose any parametric fault. In this paper, the practical value of the technique is improved by extending the application to the diagnosis of faults in circuits with parameters subject to tolerance. With this in mind, single parametric faults with several strengths are randomly injected in the circuit under study and, afterwards, these faults are diagnosed (or the diagnosis fails). Results are reported on a simple active filter. Conclusions are drawn about the robustness and effectiveness of the technique.


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