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-  2017 


DOI: 10.7641/CTA.2017.60959

Keywords: 分数阶PID控制器 负荷频率控制 灰狼优化算法 时滞控制系统 时滞鲁棒性 参数优化整定
fractional-order PID controller load frequency control grey wolf optimizer time-delay control system time-delay robustness parameter optimizing and tuning

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分数阶PID控制器相比于传统整数阶PID控制器, 具有控制性能好、鲁棒性强等诸多优势, 可应用于电网的 负荷频率控制(load frequency control, LFC)中. 针对网络化时滞互联电网的LFC问题, 提出了一种基于计算智能的分 数阶PID控制器参数优化整定方案. 该方案选择时滞LFC系统时域输出响应构建优化目标函数, 采用最近提出的灰 狼优化算法获得最优的分数阶PID控制器参数, 所设计的控制器能确保一定时滞区间内LFC系统的稳定性. 仿真算 例表明, 所设计的LFC最优分数阶PID控制器比传统整数阶PID控制器的控制性能更优, 时滞鲁棒性更强.
Fractional-order PID controller, with the advantages of better performance and stronger robustness compared to traditional integer-order PID controller, can be applied to load frequency control (LFC) of interconnected power grid. A computational intelligence algorithm based parameter optimizing and tuning scheme of fractional-order PID controller is proposed in this paper for the complicated problems of networked time-delay interconnected power grid LFC. The timedomain output response of time-delay LFC system is modeled as an optimization objective function of the proposed scheme. The recently developed metaheuristic algorithm known as GreyWolf Optimizer algorithm is employed to iteratively identify the optimal parameters of fractional-order PID controller. The designed controller can guarantee the stability of the LFC system within a certain time-delay interval. The simulation results demonstrate that the designed optimal fractional-order PID controller has better control performance and stronger time-delay robustness than conventional integer-order PID controller.


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