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Fault Waveform Regenerator and Its Digital Closed-Loop Modification Technique

DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2019.72002, PP. 14-26

Keywords: Fault Waveform Regenerator, Digital Closed-Loop Modification Technique, Power Amplifier, Relay Protection Testing Device

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In order to provide a novel and more effective alternative to the commonly used relay protection testing device that outputs only the sinusoidal testing signals, the concept of fault waveform regenerator is proposed in this paper, together with its hardware structure and software flow chart. Fault waveform regenerator mainly depends on its power amplifiers (PAs) to regenerate the fault waveforms recorded by digital fault recorder (DFR). To counteract the PA’s inherent nonlinear distortions, a digital closed-loop modification technique that is different from the predistortion technique is conceived. And the experimental results verify the effectiveness of the fault waveform regenerator based on the digital closed-loop modification technique.


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