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Design of Security System by Means of Sound Print

DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2018.64060, PP. 903-913

Keywords: Security System, Sound Signal, Spectrum Analyzer, Spectrogram

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Sound Recognition becomes an important tool for intrusion detection or for the monitoring of public premises exposed to personal hostility. It could further identify different sounds. The main idea of the sound recognition process in a security system is to store samples of different sound signals in the memory of the computer as references,?and?to be analyzed with respect to their frequencies components. In this paper, the sound signal of an unknown source would be analyzed and compared with all the available reference samples,?and?then recognition is made according to the closest sample. The developed security system consists of two main parts: the spectrum analyzer that converts the sound signal to spectrograms. It is designed based on the real-time analyzes, and the recognizer which compares the spectrograms and gives the decision of the recognition by using a special criterion. Experimental results prove that the accuracy of the proposed system can be 98.33% for the selected sample of signals.


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