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Perspective of Elderly on Age-Friendliness of Services Provided in Primary Healthcare Centers of Dubai Health Authority: Focus Groups Discussions

DOI: 10.4236/aar.2018.76011, PP. 132-144

Keywords: Focus Group, Dubai, Elderly, Primary Healthcare, Age-Friendly, WHO

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Primary Health Care Services Sector (PHCSS) of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) provides many services dedicated to seniors. However, there have been no studies to date that consulted the seniors themselves regarding these services. Thus, this study was conducted to investigate the age-friendliness of outpatient clinic’s services provided in PHCSS from perspective of elderly service recipients. Methods: Three focus groups were designed. The focus groups included receivers of care (senior patients and caregivers for senior patients) and healthcare providers (physicians, nurses, administrators and medical record officers). The discussed topics in the focus groups were based on WHO’s recommended three domains of improvement for an age-friendly Primary Health Care (PHC): Information, education and training, community-based health care management systems, and the physical environment.


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