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Several Dengue: About 2 Cases with Pulmonary Disease

DOI: 10.4236/ojrd.2018.84007, PP. 63-68

Keywords: Dengue, Lungs, Pediatrics, Ivory Coast

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The most widespread arbovirus in the world, dengue fever has been rampant since the 18th century. Since then, several epidemics have been documented in Asia, the Caribbean, South America and Africa. The authors report two cases of dengue fever in children aged six (6) and twelve (12) years respectively. The diagnosis of several dengue pulmonary was retained in these children, clinico-radiological and biological arguments. In addition to the hemorrhagic syndrome, the pulmonary symptomatology associated cough, dyspnea. Chest X-ray revealed bilateral and extensive alveolar interstitial radiological lesions. From a biological point of view, the positivity of dengue-specific IgM has confirmed arboviruses. From the diagnostic peculiarities of the cases observed, the authors suggest the search for factors associated with a primary dengue infection from several onsets to pulmonary manifestation in children. Indeed, this fringe of the population is no longer concerned with acute respiratory infections. In addition, the socio-cultural context of poverty, of pre-hospital therapeutic itinerary favoring traditional medicine, delays hospital care.


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