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iBusiness  2018 

A Study on Improving of Incubating-Efficiency of Incubators in Zhejiang Province, China

DOI: 10.4236/ib.2018.103009, PP. 144-176

Keywords: DEA, Incubating-Efficiency, Business Incubator

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The incubator’s promotion of entrepreneurial development and the help of N.E. growth make its research have a strong practical significance. At the same time, concern for the sustainability of incubator development, the core of the problem lies in the ability to configure their incubator resources, that is, the level of incubating-efficiency. By DEA, HAC, In-depth interviews to discuss the situation in Zhejiang Province incubators, as well as influencing factors on incubating-efficiency and the improving path of the sample derived from the incubator in Zhejiang Province, which proposed a new hierarchical model and incubation Strategies for improving of incubating-efficiency.


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