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Corrosion and Struggle of the Soul in the Den of Monsters
—Image of Zhao Huiming in the Novel Corrosion

DOI: 10.4236/als.2018.64015, PP. 172-178

Keywords: Corrosion, Struggle of Soul, Tragedy of Dilemma, Head for Hope

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The novel Corrosion, masterpiece of Mao Dun, accused the dark side of the society at that time. Zhao Huiming, the leading role in the novel Corrosion, was a young woman who was misguided first to be a spy and then hoped to break away from the spy organization—“den of monsters”. The novel revealed the corrosion of dark society to the youth by the record of the inner struggle and the life of Zhao Huiming. The author tried to arouse the sympathy and concern of people for the youth by the tragedy of the youth in that era. The novel was tried to show that how the bad and repressive social environment affects the growth of youth. The first and the most important thing for the young people is to distinguish and choose the right road of growth. Even if one is misguided to deviate the right road, he/she can still return to the right direction by struggle and fight to the bad environment and evil forces.


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