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Effect of Trisodium Citrate on the Properties of Electrodeposited Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) Layers on ZnS Thin Films Using a 2-Electrode Method

DOI: 10.4236/ampc.2018.88021, PP. 311-319

Keywords: Electrodeposition, Complexing Agents, CZTS Thin Films, Semiconductors

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Electrodeposition of CZTS thin films on ZnS was carried using a 2-electrode method to fabricate superstrate structure solar cells. A comprehensive study was performed on the effects of trisodium citrate on the CZTS electrolyte bath. In the present investigation, it is demonstrated that using a CZTS electrolyte with a concentration of 0.2 M trisodium citrate yields CZTS thin films with an electronic bandgap of 1.52 eV, a p-type nature, and good uniformity, which are all results desired for the fabrication of thin film solar cells. Characterization was performed using UV-Vi-IR optical absorption, SEM imaging, Raman spectrometry, and photoelectrochemical cells conducted for electronic bandgap, morphology, chemical composition, and semiconductor conductivity, respectively.


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