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Engineering  2018 

Construction of Comprehensive Development Index and Analysis on the Development Trend of Solar Energy Industry

DOI: 10.4236/eng.2018.108033, PP. 477-485

Keywords: Solar Energy Industry, Development Index, Comprehensive Index Method, Analytic Hierarchy Process

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As a strategic emerging industry, solar energy industry has been wished to ease the energy crisis and stimulate economic growth. In order to judge the development of the industry objectively, this paper constructs the index system of China’s solar energy industrial development from three dimensions of micro enterprise, medium industry and macroeconomic. This paper simultaneously takes 27 specific indicators, 54 listed companies and 10206 data from 2010 to 2016 as an example to calculate the industrial development index. The result reveals that with the implementation of the support policies playing a positive role in the development of China’s solar energy industry, the solar industry has steadily improved. Solar energy industry in our country is under the support of national support policies and its technological innovation capability is relatively active. However, the moderate investment and financing activities and inadequate enterprise operational capacity, to some extent, alleviate the development of the solar energy industry. The above shows that the solar energy industrial development index and its evaluation methods can help people to accurately grasp the development trend of the solar energy industry and accurately identify the development of advantages and disadvantages.


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