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Analysis of Barrier Factors in Vertical Planting of Old Housing Estates

DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2018.87033, PP. 562-574

Keywords: Old Housing Estates, Vertical Planting, Barrier Factors

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In order to solve the problem that currently it is difficult to implement vertical planting in old housing estates, the paper investigates the status quo of vertical planting in old housing estates by selecting five typical old housing estates as the research objects, starts from the three aspects of the planning, management and construction of vertical planting in old housing estates and focuses on the analysis of barrier factors confronted by development of vertical planting in old housing estates at present. The author acquires data through field visits and questionnaires, conducts one-way analysis of variance with SPSS20.0 software and carries on modelling based on the multiple regression model. It is found that the overall planning and post-management and maintenance profoundly affect the implementation of vertical planting in old housing estates. Therefore, good pre-planning and fulfillment of post-management and maintenance after completion of vertical planning project can better implement the vertical planting in old housing estates.


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