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Steady State Simulation of 33 kV Power Grid

DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2018.66007, PP. 106-124

Keywords: Load Flow, Contingency Analysis, PV Curve, Voltage Stability, Overload, Voltage Deviation Violation

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An example is presented in this paper relating to power problems in Sandakan power network. Sandakan is a suburb in east coast of Sabah state of Malaysia. The problems were reported with power flow and N-1 contingency in terms of blackout after main grid supply outages with overload and high fault current on distribution system. This paper focuses on analysis of steady state stability of 33 kV power grid using load flow, contingency analysis and voltage stability (P-V Curve). The analysis is done by using industrial grade power software called Power System Simulation for Engineers (PSS/E). The power flow result showed that there are three generators generating out of limits. Contingency results showed that three transformer branches and three distribution branches are affected. There are nine weakest buses that violate contingency voltage deviation criterion and cannot withstand more load power when N-1-1 case in the branch of bus 8 to bus 28 is under outage.


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