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A Novel Topology of Single-Phase AC-DC Integrated Boost-SEPIC (IBS) Converter Using Common Part Sharing Method (CPSM) for High Step-Up Applications

DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2018.66003, PP. 38-47

Keywords: Integrated Boost-SEPIC (IBS), Bridgeless AC-DC Converter, Voltage Gain, THD Minimization, Efficiency Improvement, Power Factor Correction

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A novel topology of Integrated Boost-SEPIC (IBS) AC-DC converter using common part sharing method (CPSM) has been proposed in this paper. Conventional boost converters with bridge rectifier configuration are inefficient due to limited voltage step-up ratio which may not be applicable for high step-up applications as in the case of micro generators. The proposed IBS topology is based on the common part sharing method capable of operating both for positive and negative half cycle of the input signal. Result and simulation were conducted using PSIM environment. The proposed AC-DC IBS topology eliminates the requirement of bridge rectifier achieving high efficiency (about 99%), improved power factor (0.75, leading) and lower THD (about 38.8%) which is within IEEE standard.


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