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C6 α-Olefins’ Oligomers and Co-Oligomers as Synthetic Components for Petroleum Oils

DOI: 10.4236/ojogas.2018.32009, PP. 104-111

Keywords: Co-Oligomers of α-Olefins, Co-Oligomerization, Viscosity-Temperature Properties, Anti-Corrosive Properties, Petroleum Oils

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This study investigated the results of double co-oligomerization of C6 α-olefins with dicyclopentadiene and indene Obtained oligomeric compounds of various molecular mass and composition, which were used as synthetic component of petroleum oils to improve their viscosity-temperature and anti-corrosive properties. The researches were carried out to substantiate that the possibilities of co-oligomerization in a directed synthesis are broad and that they could be used in the production of new oligomeric compounds with required properties in petrol chemistry.


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