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The Influence of Self-Efficacy on Chinese English Major’s Oral Learning Strategies

DOI: 10.4236/als.2018.62007, PP. 62-68

Keywords: Self-Efficacy, English Majors, Oral Learning Strategies, Oral Proficiency, Gender

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The study aims to solve two problems: 1) The current situation of English majors in oral English study. 2) The influence and relevance of self-efficacy on oral English learning strategies of English majors in China. The study makes a comprehensive survey on the self-efficacy and oral learning strategies of English majors in Yangtze Normal University. It intends to make an investigation about English majors’ self-efficacy and spoken English learning strategies, guiding English majors to learn how to make use of self-efficacy to solve the difficulties in oral learning and to improve oral communication ability.


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