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Zhuangzian Literary Hermeneutic from Perspective of “Words of Three Kinds三言”

DOI: 10.4236/als.2018.62006, PP. 47-61

Keywords: Zhuangzi, Literary Hermeneutic, Perspectivism, Words of Three Kinds

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Words of Three Kinds depict both the writing style of the Zhuangzi and an especially useful way to interpret it. Yuyan shows the instability of meanings expressed; Zhongyan shows the truth revealed is no definite truth; Zhiyan justifies every interpretation. The analysis of words of three kinds implies Zhuangzi’s writing mode might be speaking reckless words, forgetting the words but continuing to speak, urging readers to listen recklessly, embrace all the interpretations, perspectives and values, living a life beyond dichotomy and creating new meanings in their lives.


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