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The Cognitive Metaphorical Expressions of King Lear

DOI: 10.4236/als.2018.62005, PP. 41-46

Keywords: King Lear, Language Cognition, Tragedy, Metaphorical Expressions of Language, Tragic Theme and the Eyes

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From a linguistic cognitive perspective, Shakespeare highlights the theme of King Lear through metaphorical expressions. One of the main clues to the play was the reckless and irrational act that King Lear and Gloucester had to deal with some of their own problems. These behaviors cause their personal and family tragedies. The author analyzes the tragic favour of King Lear from three aspects: The cognitive metaphorical expressions of language, tragic theme and the eyes. The drama King Lear shows the metaphorical expression of language cognition in the modeling of characters, the theme expression and the plot construction. From a linguistic point of view, Shakespeare highlights the internal structure and theme of drama by setting reckless and irrational actions of characters, and metaphorically expresses the grave consequence of recklessness and irrationality by this way of setting.


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