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Large-Eddy Simulation and Wind Tunnel Experiment of Airflow over Bolund Hill

DOI: 10.4236/ojfd.2018.81003, PP. 30-43

Keywords: Bolund Hill, CFD, LES, RIAM-COMPACT, Wind Tunnel Experiment

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In the present study, wind conditions were numerically predicted for the site of the Bolund hill using the RIAM-COMPACT natural terrain version software, which is based on an LES turbulence model (CFD). In addition, airflow measurements were made using a split-fiber probe in the boundary layer wind tunnel. The characteristics of the airflow at and in the vicinity of the site of the Bolund Experiment were clarified. The study also examined the prediction accuracy of the LES turbulence simulations (CFD). The values of the streamwise (x) wind velocity predicted by the CFD model were generally in good agreement with those from the wind tunnel experiment at all points and heights examined, demonstrating the validity of CFD based on LES turbulence modeling.


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