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On Quaternionic 3 CR-Structure and Pseudo-Riemannian Metric

DOI: 10.4236/am.2018.92008, PP. 114-129

Keywords: Conformal Structure, Quaternionic CR-Structure, G-Structure, Conformally Flat Structure, Weyl Tensor, Integrability, Uniformization, Transformation Groups

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A CR-structure on a 2n +1-manifold gives a conformal class of Lorentz metrics on the Fefferman S1-bundle. This analogy is carried out to the quarternionic conformal 3-CR structure (a generalization of quaternionic CR- structure) on a 4n + 3 -manifold M. This structure produces a conformal class [g] of a pseudo-Riemannian metric g of type (4n + 3,3) on M × S3. Let (PSp(n +1,1), S4n+3) be the geometric model obtained from the projective boundary of the complete simply connected quaternionic hyperbolic manifold. We shall prove that M is locally modeled on (PSp(n +1,1), S4n+3) if and only if (M × S3 ,[g]) is conformally flat (i.e. the Weyl conformal curvature tensor vanishes).


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