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Research on the Relationship between Geographical Factors, Sports and Culture

DOI: 10.4236/ape.2018.81008, PP. 66-70

Keywords: Geographical Factors, Sports, Culture, Relationship

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In order to find out the relationship between geographical factors and sports and their culture, and to achieve the harmonious development between them,?the methods of literature and logical analysis were used to study the influence of climate factors, terrain factors and geographical factors on sports and its culture. Climate changes will affect the sports conditions, but also interfere with the athletes?body mechanism and emotion, thereby affecting athletic ability. Topography has a great influence on the emergence and development of sports. The geographical environment is closely related to sports and sports culture. The difference of human culture is related to the local geographical environment and national characteristics. Every ethnic culture is derived and developed under the influence of a specific natural geographical environment. At the same time, in the development and promotion of sports and sports culture, the geographical environment will produce positive and negative changes.


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