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Repeated Sparks Produce Free Energy: A Rigorous Mathematical Explanation of the Authors, by the Hidden Ampere Force Law

DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2018.61015, PP. 155-160

Keywords: Repeated Sparking, Ampere Force, Production of Energy, Perpetual Mobile, Spark, Lightning, Revolutionary Paper, Free Energy

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This is the twinned paper of the increased mass paper,Gravity is acting at superluminous infinite speed, thus collapsing special theory of relativity of Einstein, an explanation for almost everything (according to the authors’ rigorous mathematical proof and overwhelming experimental evidence)\"[1]. In the present paper, we describe the repeated spark or repeat current in terms of the hidden, Non-Relativistic Longitudinal Cardinal Ampere Force which is not found yet infallible for every case. The impressive finding is the fact that these repeated sparks as we shall see, have no back-emf, but forward-emf and forward-Ampere-motive-force. The only consumption is the resistive load with the very high currents needed. This means its total energy consumption is less than the released energy-output work plus heat, plus the energy recharging the batteries. All these are in excess of the consumed input energy. This means the Repeated sparking is “over-unity” efficiency and that, using super-conductive materials, we shall have constructed the first “perpetual mobile” plus producing extra electrical energy. Several previous journals that we did not mention here their names did not dare to publish our disliked papers of very important and revolutionary results but were not able to counter argue our arguments. They preferred the silence and have not answered us at all for many years now. Even some of them were involved previously with the repeated sparking which is the same topic of our present paper.


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