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Influencing the Crystallization of Glass-Ceramics by Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Irradiation after Nucleation

DOI: 10.4236/njgc.2018.81001, PP. 1-11

Keywords: Glass-Ceramics, Microstructure, Nonlinear Absorption, Picosecond Laser

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An ultra-fast laser with central wavelength at 1064nm and 10ps pulse durationwas used to tightly focus laser radiationwith a microscope objective inside the volume of nucleated Lithium Aluminosilicate (LAS) glass-ceramic. The nonlinear absorptionof the LAS glass-ceramic was measuredfor different laser parameters and a thermal simulation was performed to determine the temperature field inside the laser-modified area. After laser processing,the samples were crystallized in a furnace and the effect of the laser-induced modifications on the microstructure was analyzed with SEM. The SEM analysis shows an increase in the length and size of whisker-shaped?β-spodumene crystals in the laser-modified area. By increasing the dimension of these whisker-shaped crystals, the flexural strength of LAS can be improved locally.Firstfour-point bending flexural tests were performed to examine the influence on the mechanical properties.


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