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Double SiC Oxidation Protective Coating on C/C Composites Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering

DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2017.56031, PP. 374-384

Keywords: Carbon-Carbon Composites, Spark Plasma Sintering, Anti-Oxidation, Coating

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Easy oxidation of carbon limits applications of carbon-carbon composites in an oxygen-containing environment. In this study, a two-layer SiC coating was prepared on carbon-carbon composites by a Spark plasma sintering technology at 1350°C for 1 min. The coating was mainly composed of β-SiC and Si and well bonded with the substrate. The double SiC coating could effectively protect the C/C composites from oxidation at 1600°C for 120 h, and the corresponding weight loss was only 2.62%.


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