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RF Field-Driven Electron Tunneling through Mesoscale Junctions

DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2017.812117, PP. 1950-1960

Keywords: Quantum Mechanical Tunneling, Mesoscopic Physics, Tunnel Junctions, Quantum Point Contacts

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Preliminary results of a study are reported here investigating mesoscopic tunnel junctions irradiated with coherent low-intensity (-50 to -10 dB) pulsed microwave RF fields at moderately low (LN2) temperatures. Quantum tunneling of electrons was observed through fabricated mesoscale gap junctions as a result of coherent irradiating fields at low temperatures around 77 - 100 K. The tunneling current was seen as a result of applied microwave fields across the junctions, distinguishable from shot noise and resistance effects. The form of tunneling behavior does not lead to any conductance quantization effects which could manifest the junction as a Quantum Point Contact (QPC), hence it is surmised that the phenomenon is purely low intensity RF field-induced tunneling of electrons across the mesoscale junctions at low temperatures.


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