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From Structural Colors to Super-Hydrophobicity and Achromatic Transparent Protective Coatings: Ion Plating Plasma Assisted TiO2 and SiO2 Nano-Film Deposition

DOI: 10.3844/ajeassp.2016.1037.1045, PP. 1037-1045

Keywords: Ion Plating Plasma Assisted, Structural Colors, Cu ltural Heritage Preservation, Biomedical Application

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The implementation of the Ion Plating Plasma Assisted technology in the area of surface functionalization for structural color and relic preservation applications is presented. Interferometric structural colors on irregular bumped Titanium surfaces and transparent and achromatic nano films on ancient ceramic artifact have been investigated. Titanium metal and ceramic supports have been utilized for the surface functionalization tests: A metallic electron beam additive manufactured Titanium component and an ancient tile of the XIX century, which was characterized by strong chromatic valence and by a mixed porous and glazed surfaces, have been considered. A reactive magnetron sputtering Ion Plating Plasma Assisted apparatus operating in Argon or Oxygen atmospheres for TiO2 and SiO2 deposition has been utilized. Preliminary tests with two plasma treatments were carried out for optimal processing conditions definition. TiO2 nano-film deposition on irregular Ti surfaces has generated light direction depending color-changing surfaces while good achromatic and transparent coatings were obtained by using SiO2 coating. The high processing flexibility of the Ion plating technology is discussed. The SiO2 IPPA surfaces treatment resulted more convenient for restorative and preservation ancient historical tile was used to finally test the optimized process with Ion Beam Electron Microscopy, which was carried out on the tile porous structure, confirmed the high flexibility and efficiency of the innovative IPPA technology.


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