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Periodontal Bone Substitutes Application Techniques and Cost Evaluation: A Review

DOI: DOI : 10.3844/ajeassp.2016.951.961, PP. 951-961

Keywords: Biomaterials, Ceramics, Titanium, Scaffold

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Bioactive Materials have been used since decades but the researches on these materials are still continuing in phase. This material got extra ordinary attention by the scientist and researchers. Bioactive material has ability to bind itself chemically with natural bone tissues. Bioactive materials bring revolution in the field of bone repair and implantology. Bioactive materials have also ability to effect on gene activation of osteoblastic cells that enhance proliferation, resulting rapid bone formation. At last the techniques through which bioactive materials are used to deposits on the implant, to create bond between implants and the bone. Cost evaluation is the very essential part that classifies the use of material commercially.


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