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Optimization Design of Fracturing Parameters for Coalbed Methane Wells in Dafosi Mine Field

DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2017.59010, PP. 121-131

Keywords: Dafosi Mine Field, “26 + 1” CBM Wells Project, Fracturing Construction Parameters, Gas Production Effect

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Being controlled by the gas content of the reservoir, the productivity of CBM well is also mainly determined by its engineering quality and the physical property of the reservoir. In Dafosi mine field, 22 vertical wells from the “26 + 1” CBM wells project that was implemented since 2014 showed great difference in productivity after fracturing construction. With the consistent geological condition of coal reservoirs, fracturing construction parameters are suggested as the priority factor that controlling the well productivity. In this study, being combined with historical production and geological data, an optimized designation of fracturing construction parameters was established based on systematically comparative analysis of construction parameters such as discharge, the total volume of fracturing fluid, the quality of sand, sand ratio, which provides engineering basis for further fracturing construction of CBM wells.


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