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Domain Decomposition of an Optimal Control Problem for Semi-Linear Elliptic Equations on Metric Graphs with Application to Gas Networks

DOI: 10.4236/am.2017.88082, PP. 1074-1099

Keywords: Optimal Control, Gas Networks, Euler’s Equation, Hierarchy of Models, Semi-Linear Approximation, Non-Overlapping Domain Decomposition

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We consider optimal control problems for the flow of gas in a pipe network. The equations of motions are taken to be represented by a semi-linear model derived from the fully nonlinear isothermal Euler gas equations. We formulate an optimal control problem on a given network and introduce a time discretization thereof. We then study the well-posedness of the corresponding time-discrete optimal control problem. In order to further reduce the complexity, we consider an instantaneous control strategy. The main part of the paper is concerned with a non-overlapping domain decomposition of the semi-linear elliptic optimal control problem on the graph into local problems on a small part of the network, ultimately on a single edge.


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