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Test Method of Laser Detection Sensitivity Based on Every Pulse Measurement and Rearrangement

DOI: 10.4236/opj.2017.78B006, PP. 33-39

Keywords: Laser Detection, Sensitivity, Instability, Pulse Rearrangement

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It is very important to accurately measure the detection sensitivity of laser receiving equipment. Based on the traditional test method of detection probability curve, a new test method is proposed which works through measuring laser pulse one by one. Accurate measurement systems were constructed to improve the accuracy of laser energy measurement and energy regulation. A new data processing method of detection probability curve is put forward, which based on subsection statistics. The new data processing method in effect reduces the light source instability from 6.57% to 0.67%. These works improve the test accuracy of laser receiving detection sensitivity. It is a great support for the accurate evaluation of key technical indices of laser receiving equipment, which subsequently are done by models and simulation.


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