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Grey Relational Optimization of Turning Parameters in Dry Machining of Austenitic Stainless Steel Using Zr Based Coated Tools

DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2017.77027, PP. 337-347

Keywords: Coatings, Lateral Rotating Cathodes, Dry Machining, High Speed Machining, Coated Cutting Tools, Flank Wear, Dry Turning

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The present work aims at the microstructural characterization of TiAlZrN/ Al2O3 and TiAlZrN/Si3N4 coatings deposited via lateral rotating cathodes. The coatings were deposited using Lateral Rotating Cathodes (LARC) technology. The deposited coatings were studied for its cross sectional morphology using scanning electron microscopy. Energy Dispersive Spectrometry was also conducted along the cross section to determine the elemental composition. Micro Vickers hardness test was conducted to determine the hardness of the coatings. The scanning electron microscope images showed that TiAlZrN/Al2O3 coatings showed preferred columnar grain orientation with multilayered structure while TiAlZrN/Si3N4 coatings exhibit a dense grain structure. The TiAlZrN/Si3N4 coating shows a hardness of 31.58 GPa while TiAlZrN/Al2O3 coating shows a hardness of 25.40 GPa. Dry turning tests were performed on AISI 304 stainless steel. The TiAlZrN/Si3N4 coatings show reduced flank wear. Both the coatings even under severe cutting conditions impart surface roughness of less than 1.5 μm.


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