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DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2017.73020, PP. 304-317

Keywords: Transport Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, 13th Five-Year Plan, Prediction Model, Development Goals and Strategy

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Facing increasing passenger and cargo transport demand and limited re-source in the 13th Five-Year period, how to make a breakthrough and substantial progress has become a key issue on planning and the Top-level Design. In this paper we judged and analyzed the current development and potential demand of the energy saving and emission reduction in Beijing traffic industry. Through application of energy and emission prediction model which based on the vehicle activity data, the development goals of “one drop, double control, and triple upgrade” have been put forward. In order to achieve the goal, “5 + 1” development strategies should be implemented, and we also proposed the thinking and recommendations on sustainable development of transportation.


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