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Structural Studies on Ag2O-P2O5 Glasses

DOI: 10.4236/njgc.2017.73007, PP. 77-89

Keywords: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Chemical Shift, Phosphate Species, Orthophosphates

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Silver phosphate glasses of general formula xAg2O·(100 - x)P2O5 have been investigated over compositional range from x = 40 to 62.5 mol%. The local structure around phosphorus atom has been studied via 31P nuclear magnetic resonance. The distribution of [PO4]Qn species as a function of composition has been shown to slightly deviate from the simple binary alkali phosphate model. An anomalous behavior has been recorded and interpreted in terms of mixed ring-chain effect in metaphosphate composition. The splitting of NMR spectra into sub resonances is assigned to different binding sites characterizing Q1 ring and Q1 chain structure. Higher Ag2O concentration (≥50 mol%) leads to formation of phosphate groups with specific resonance peaks which are mainly related to pyro and orthophosphate species. The rate of change of the chemical shift of the 31P NMR depends on the bond type, which in turn reflects the extent of double bonding between phosphorus and oxygen


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