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Effect of Parameters on Potential Induced Degradation of Solar Cell

DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2017.56003, PP. 36-42

Keywords: Solar Cell, Potential Induced Degradation, Thunderstroke, Leakage Current

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Solar cells are widely used to generate electric energy even at homes. It surely has a great advantage of sustainability. However, the potential induced degradation has been found to be an obstacle problem for practical use. It was reported that the main cause is the dielectric breakdown in the glass covered over the solar cells triggered by the thunderstroke. In this paper, the effects of the parameters such as the position of thunderstroke, the wave form, the peak value and the front duration of the lightning current, were examined by means of numerical calculation. For the lightning current, a step-like waveform and an impulse waveform were examined. The effect of the induced voltage was found to be independent of the waveform. The peak value, the front duration of the lightning current greatly affects the induced voltage.


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