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Research on Quality Risk of EPC Hydropower Projects in Vietnam

DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2017.52024, PP. 299-308

Keywords: EPC Hydropower Project, Risk Analysis and Evaluation, Risk Control, Prevent Risks

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Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts are on the way to become the most usual form of contracting applied by the private sector to undertake construction works on large scale Hydropower projects. If EPC contract management is not implemented and controlled properly. Quality is the first important factor for any contractors who involve in the hydropower project execution. The purpose of this study is to investigate and evaluate risks causing not good quality of EPC hydropower projects in Vietnam. In addition, the study also provided the recommendations for project practitioners to mitigate the impacts of those identified risks. The findings of this study can be a good managerial reference for project management teams who are working in other countries that have similar economic and investment environments to Vietnam to get their EPC construction project completed on quality, thus will ensuring the benefits to the government, the investors, the contractors, and the parties involved.


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